FEMME D'INTERIEUR is an independent fashion brand; based in Paris and created in 2013, by Aline Pérot.

It offers menswear, womenswear and fashion for all who identify with it! 

FEMME D'INTERIEUR mixes fashion and art. It repurposes materials destined to be thrown away by making them desirable and creating unique clothes in a single collection 'Et Les Draps S'En Souviennent' that Aline follows since 2016.

the signature pieces: 

-The 'train de nuit' coat made from an SNCF blanket.-The rain hood borrowed from our grandmothers, with extra aero-dynamism created through bicycle inner tube 

-The 'baguette' bag, a typical bread bag minimized made of recuperated leather. 

-The'Bambi' jumpsuit cut out of children's sheets

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